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The cultural life of Madeira is rich in different events. The fests and exciting events are held there almost every month. Most of the travellers prefer visiting the resort on the eve of New Year holidays. The preparation to the holidays starts in November. Daily parades and fairs, the performances of street artists and musicians, children’s performances and unforgettable pyrotechnic shows are the main entertaining events which one can visit during Christmas holidays.
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After the New Year holidays the Madeira Walking Festival takes place. It is commonly held in the second part of January. The festival lasts for 5 days with the main events being costume parades or mask parades. One of the major cultural events of Madeira is the Carnival attracting the guests from all over the world. The main entertaining events take place in the capital of Madeira Funchal. The streets of Funchal are flooded with Samba dancers and musicians and host exciting mask parades during the Carnival. Anybody can participate in the festive parades. Having a carnival suit on is enough to be admitted to the festive march through the streets of the capital.

The Flower Festival is the same interesting and exciting national fest which is held in the heat of the spring. During the fest the sidewalks of all the cities are decorated with ingenious mosaic flower mats. These are hand twined and each flower mat is a genuine masterpiece. The festival is accompanied with engaging events and parades. The flower exhibitions are of immense popularity among tourists.

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The exhibitions let the visitors enjoy the flowers of ultimate beauty as well as purchase desired plants. The brightest and most memorable event is considered to be Atlantic Festival which presents different sport competitions and entertaining events. The Funchal Jazz Festival attracts the music fans and the connoisseurs of dainty dishes will like the Machico Gastronomy Culinary Festival which takes place in the beginning of August

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