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Culture of Madeira. Places to visit – old town, temples, theaters, museums and palaces

Every city of Madeira features plenty of unique landmarks and sights. To fully embrace the beauty and cultural traditions of the island the travelers should take a general sightseeing tour through the major cities and enjoy the historical landmarks. The capital of the island, the city of Funchal attracts most tourists as its territory has preserved a vast number of ancient palaces and squares. The main sight of the capital is the Franciscan Monastery.
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It was built in the 16th century and nowadays the magnificent building houses a winery. Travelers may follow the process of Madeira production and visit a tasting room and then buy a bottle of favorite wine as a token of memorable visit. The Se Cathedral built of lava building blocks, the ancient Fish market, the Santa Clara Church and the scenic gardens are most worth noticing among other sights of the capital.

The northern part of the island hosts a small village Santana. Visiting the village will be of great interest for those travellers wishing to get to know better the culture and way of life of local folks. The scenic streets featuring characteristic ethnic houses, small squares embraced with scent laden flower beds and beautiful gardens promote the ambience of harmony and piece in Santana.

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e neighbouring Porto Santo island is worth visiting as well. The main sight of the island is the house of Columbus. For several years the renowned sailor lived on the island. Today the atmosphere of past ages is totally restored in this house. The scenic village Curral das Freiras lies in the crater of the silent volcano. In the beginning of the 16th century a convent was built there. Local people sought shelter there during the pirate invasions. The ancient building has been preserved till nowadays. Today it is among the most important spots of touristic attraction.
MadeiraThe ancient seaside city of Machico is known for its unique religious landmarks and fountains of ultimate beauty. The city has preserved the ancient fort which time and again guarded its citizens from conqueror and pirate invasions. The small town of Porto Moniz boasts the natural attractions as it features impetuous waterfalls, marvelous woods and perplexed caves and grots.

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