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Madeira is a genuine gastronomy paradise for tourists fond of sea foods and exotic fruits. The local restaurants will treat their guests with incredible food masterpieces made of crab meat and seashells. The fans of fish dishes should try spiced tuna and sword fish. Local desserts will enjoy the healthy diet enthusiasts as they are mostly made of fresh fruit.
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Local people cultivate selected bananas, mangos, avocados grapes and oranges on the vast fertile andosol plantations. Travelers will find the vast choice of fresh fruits on the colorful market places of Madeira. The first courses are popular in the restaurants serving ethnic cuisine. One of the most popular among them is considered to be sopa de tomate e cebola. The soup is made of fresh tomatoes, onion and eggs. The treat features incredible taste.

The favourite treat of local people is Asorda soup made of bread, eggs, garlic, spice and olive oil. Asorda soup is the best way for the tourists wishing to try authentic ethnic dishes. Despite of the heart of the ethnic cuisine being sea foods and vegetable soups, the local restaurants present a good selection of meat treats.
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Many cooks prefer keeping to the ancient recipes while cooking meat dishes. The dishes are cooked on the open fire or just grilled. The kebab is of immense popularity among tourists. Experienced chefs use the laurel sticks instead of spits to roast the meat. One should try the grilled beef espetada being thoroughly chafed with garlic and salt. In addition to fish and meat treats the visitors of local restaurants will be offered to try fresh salads.

Calheta Beach ResortThe ethnic vegetable dishes will be of great interest for European cuisine fans. The dishes are made of simple and habitual to Europeans ingredients. Fresh tomatoes and onions, carrot and squash, broad beans and flavouring spices are the main components of major vegetable salads. In addition to dainty dishes one should surely order Portuguese wines. In all speciality restaurants of Madeira the guests will be offered the rich wine list. The sea foods are recommended to add with green wine and the best addition to kebab will be the vintage wine.

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